In Illinois, the electric utility market has been deregulated since 1999. This means your business has the choice to buy lower cost energy from an alternative supplier. At the same time, customers continue to receive the same dependable service from their local utility.

Knowledge & Experience is Critical

In a competitive, deregulated energy market, purchasing electricity is more complex and pricing is customized to reflect your specific use. Obtaining the best value in a deregulated market requires an analysis of how your energy is used and tailoring a solution that maximizes your savings potential.

Large-scale energy consumers recognize the value a knowledgeable energy partner, like Midwest Energy, can bring to the entire energy management picture. Midwest Energy can work as your energy advocate in the following ways:

  • Develop a View of Your Energy History and Current Needs
  • Provide Energy Risk Assessment
  • Prepare Cost Savings Options
  • Provide Demand Response Services
  • Provide Renewable/Green Energy
  • Prepare Electricity & Natural Gas Budgets and Cost Rejections
  • Tax Incentives
  • Utility Rebates
  • Energy Grants

Since 1989, Midwest Energy’s key personnel have been working with clients in industries such as: Commercial, Industrial, Education, Government, and Healthcare. We have delivered tens of millions of dollars in hard-dollar savings for hundreds of clients. Contact Us today to learn how Midwest Energy can help your business reduce energy supply costs.


Achieve energy & sustainability goals with confidence

We have the expertise, insight and resources requires to help organizations transition to a forward-looking, sustainable energy strategy.