Midwest Energy was formed in 2001 by Nick Schaff from Nicor, Mark Beci also from Nicor, and Greg Cibinski from the technology industry. The company was created with the goal of leveraging the principal’s 45+ years of combined energy and utilities expertise to deliver better solutions to the newly deregulated Illinois market. The company quickly grew as commercial and industrial energy consumers in Illinois became aware of their purchasing options. Many of Midwest Energy’s customers were clients of its owners prior to the formation of Midwest Energy. Midwest Energy became one of the most respected and recognizable energy firms in Illinois.

Over the years Midwest Energy has expanded the breadth and depth of “value added” service offerings such as energy procurement consulting, energy budget development & analysis, load curtailment options, green power, energy site audits, and energy bill auditing.

Today, Midwest Energy provides millions of dollars in utility bill savings for such major entities as the State of Illinois.

The company is still a private and highly efficient operation, with its primary assets being the experience and knowledge of its owners, managers and staff and its relationships with its customers and suppliers.


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