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Midwest Energy is an unbiased, independent energy consulting firm for large businesses and organizations in the U.S. With a focus on market intelligence and comprehensive energy solutions that support a smart, forward-looking energy management strategy

Today, energy supply costs can be controlled and managed by leveraging the right resources and expertise. This is the primary reason a growing number of Fortune 500 companies turn to Midwest Energy for their energy management needs.

Better Energy Options

Collectively, we provide our clients the intimate customer experience of an independent consultancy. Planning and executing a transition from a conventional energy management program to one that integrates renewable sources and technologies requires specific skills and expertise.

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Energy Anywhere in the USA

Midwest Energy, although based in Illinois, can provide electricity and natural gas services to any deregulated state in the U.S.A.


Municipal Aggregation Assistance

Midwest Energy can provide assistance in Municipal Aggregation to your community.